The cold wave warning in the south is piercing with cold winds, and the snowfall in the north is already snowy. However, the "cold economy" is releasing a "heat effect", and ice and snow tourism is sweeping across the country.

According to data from multiple third-party tourism platforms, the number of skiing related orders has surged several times this year. According to Feizhu data, the sales of ice and snow tourism products during the "Double 12" period increased nearly three times year-on-year; Qunar data shows that since November, the number of ski resort ticket bookings in China has increased by 147% compared to the same period in 2019; According to Ctrip data, since December, the order volume of skiing team tours booked for New Year's Day and Spring Festival has increased by 6 times and 16 times respectively compared to the same period last year.

The trend of ice and snow tourism is unstoppable, and various regions have launched ice and snow activity seasons, such as the ice and snow season in Harbin, the Jilin rime ice and snow festival, and the Hulunbuir ice and snow cultural sports tourism season. Indoor ski resorts in the south have also seen a surge in sales, with sales and pre-sales of ski resorts in many places reaching new highs since 2019. As the capital market is on the verge of turmoil, Fosun Tourism Culture (01992), as a leader in ice and snow tourism, received funding and surged by over 11% on December 21.

According to the Zhitong Finance APP, on December 20th, Kiroro Grand Resort, located in Hokkaido, Japan, was officially opened by Fosun Tourism Culture. This is the only mountain and forest destination in Asia where Club Med Mediterranean Club can offer spring skiing until May; In early November, the company's Taicang Alps International Resort, located in China, opened, announcing the official opening of this one-stop ice and snow themed high-end urban vacation destination.

The global deployment of ice and snow resorts has gradually opened, and as this wave of ice and snow tourism approaches, Fosun Tourism Culture is fully prepared to embrace this huge market opportunity.



How to seize the opportunity of Fosun Tourism Culture (01992) under the trend of ice and snow tourism, with nearly 25 mountain ice and snow resorts globally deployed?

The cold wave warning in the south is piercing with cold winds, and the snowfall in the north is already snowy. However, the "cold economy" is releasing a "heat effect", and ice and snow tourism is sweeping across the country.
According to data from multiple third-party tourism platforms, the number of skiing related orders has surged several times this year. According to Feizhu data